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The gate family of brands are industry leaders in creating and delivering unforgettable culinary and hospitality experiences, spanning across all tastes and preferences. Our brands provide a wide range of services including catering and provisioning for onboard travel passengers, retailing food, beverages, and boutique items for travel, and even providing all types of services for the wider food solutions industry, including packaging. Our diverse portfolio of brands allows us to respond more effectively to our customer needs and market trends by fostering product development and innovation.

Gate Gourmet Logo White

gategourmet is the leading global provider of airline catering and provisioning services, both onboard, and in airport lounges.

Gatereail Logo
As the world’s leading inflight retailer, gateretail enhances the passenger experience through bespoke and data driven retail programs for airline and train customers.
gatesolutions is specialized in delivering tailor-made catering and packaged meal solutions for the food service and retail industry.
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servair is the first airline catering and cleaning services provider in France and Africa.

deSter is the market-leading designer and manufacturer of innovative and sustainable food packaging and serviceware to the aviation and food service industry.

Uqonic offers memorable culinary experiences for guests at lounges and special events.