We are a culinary
& hospitality company
At gategroup, we believe that the culinary & hospitality experiences we create have a unique ability of taking people on a memorable sensory journey. We are a company with strong culinary roots and a well-established tradition of designing and executing food concepts for the industries we serve. We believe that food is more than a human need. It is a measure of who we are.



gategroup is proud to have the largest global community of world-renowned culinary experts and talents, brought together to discuss, think and pioneer the future of the culinary arts. Supported by data science, this community of thought leaders challenges the culinary status quo, brings innovation and creativity to the plate, and explores more sustainable food solutions.

Our chefs

gategroup’s global community of over 1.800 chefs embodies genuine culinary excellence. They serve as the ‘voice of the customer’ in the culinary design process, infusing their passion for food into every dish.

Hospitality at
its heart

gategroup is the world’s largest airport lounge operator, catering to over 16 million passengers annually in more than 80 lounges. With our award-winning services, we proudly serve some of the world’s most prestigious airlines. Driven by our deep understanding of guest’s needs and desires, we create and deliver hospitality experiences intended to make guests feel at home.


gategroup sets the standard in operational performance in the industry. We are reinforcing our operational structure through standardization of technology solutions with a continued focus on safety, whilst also being relentlessly committed to efficiency. We believe that excellence in operations cannot be achieved without taking care of our people, our processes, and our infrastructure.

Food quality
and safety first

gategroup is dedicated to ensuring top-notch food quality and safety in our operations worldwide. Our units perform regular food safety and quality self-audits and arrange external quality audits by third parties or customers. gategroup’s food safety control system follows HACCP principles and aligns with ISO22000.


gateOPEX enhances operational performance by setting and implementing standards across all functional areas. gateOPEX incorporates Lean Manufacturing, Six Sigma, and Customer Feedback to drive process optimization in key areas where customers notice the most improvement.

Technology driven operational performance

gategroup’s in-house developed ERP system is an industry leading catering application platform that spans all the core catering functions with a modular technology solution supporting the various business needs. Our data-driven technology provides real-time information to ensure seamless and efficient operations.

Commitment to
sustainable operations

At gategroup, we take our ESG responsibilities seriously. We are committed to reducing our environmental impacts across all of our operations and to creating a responsible and caring culture. Our goal is to support our people and the communities where we operate and build trust and accountability through transparency in our global operations.

Innovation &
data science

Unlocking innovation through gategroup’s partnerships: a dynamic and innovative approach to culinary data insights with Black Swan Data, sustainability initiatives alongside Klimato, and AI-driven enhancements in our inflight services through Aicadium.