Nourishing the journey
At gategroup, we share a higher purpose with our customers. We exist to elevate human emotions; to move people while they are moving; to stimulate, delight and satisfy their emotions.

Our values


We are committed to building an organizational culture where everyone is motivated to reach their full potential. The foundation of this culture is a work environment where individuals are encouraged to be their best, develop their skills and capabilities, inspire others, and be proud of their achievements. We aim to pave new paths and open new doors for everyone at every level.


We put the customer at the forefront of everything we do, taking time to understand their needs, wishes and desires. We marry creativity with innovation and the power of data to deliver experiences that exceed the expectations of every customer. We constantly learn by giving and receiving feedback, improving from our mistakes and bettering ourselves. We are agile, flexible and open to change, always looking for the best way to serve our customers.


Hospitality, in its purest form, comes down to a single, core principle: care.
We do everything with thoughtfulness, attention, and care. We have a passion for results that are always in line with our customer’s success. We go the extra mile, taking ownership of our work. We have a growth mindset, a resilience that makes us determined to bounce back from failures and setbacks.


We care about what we do, and we understand the impact we have on others and the planet. We display courage in everything we do. We are not afraid to use our voice and speak up. We believe in and pursue personal growth. We take the development of our skills, goals, and ambitions seriously. We always look out for each other. Creating a safe workplace environment is everyone’s responsibility.


Every job matters and everyone is important at every level. We respect each other’s voices and foster a workplace that supports inclusion and belonging. We are all one gategroup. Success should be celebrated. We appreciate and value our people and the work they do, and we recognize and reward the successes they achieve.
We are ONE Team. We collaborate with good intent and take pride in being reliable for our customers and colleagues.