gategroup Renews Agreement with Delta Air Lines

gategroup is pleased to announce the extension of its long-term partnership with Delta Air Lines, effective March 1, 2024..´

The multi-year agreement covers operations in more than 40 locations across the world, including the United States, Canada, Europe, South America, and Australia.

“As part of gategroup’s ongoing commitment to culinary evolution and design, we aim to create culturally expressive yet familiar menus that appeal to all senses,” said Christoph Schmitz, CEO of gategroup. “Together with Delta, we are keenly focused on consistency, reliability, continuous improvement, and a commitment to a safety-first culture. We look forward to the opportunity to create more memorable signature moments with Delta in the coming years.”

In 2023, Delta served 60 million meals and flew more than 200 million customers safely, reliably, and with industry-leading customer service innovation.