Transforming together for a more sustainable tomorrow.

ESG at gategroup

As one of the global culinary leaders, we are fully committed to responsible corporate stewardship and sustainable business practices.

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ESG reporting

Transparent reporting on ESG matters is an integral part of gategroup’s sustainability agenda.

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Caring for our planet

Environmental management is an imperative aspect of gategroup's overall ESG strategy. We understand that our business has a significant environmental footprint, and we have a responsibility to do our part to minimize it. That is why we established environmental ambitions and targets for Water, Waste, and Energy management and we are committed to putting in place relevant actionable measures.

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Treating people fairly

We recognize the importance of building a company culture in which our broad and diverse internal communities can thrive. We believe that by breaking down barriers and creating an inclusive environment, we can harness the power of our differences and achieve our collective goals.

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Behaving responsibly

Having a transparent and effective corporate governance is significant for any organization. At gategroup, we are dedicated to fulfilling this responsibility and striving to enhance the transparency of our governance procedures, following global best practices.

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Our actions

Whether we call this CSR, Sustainability, or ESG, the meaning is the same – we have a responsibility as good corporate citizens to take the actions needed to ensure that the world we create is better than the world we inherited.

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ESG Committee

Meet the thought leaders committed to achieving our Environmental, Social and Governance goals.

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Yulia Bolotina

Global Head of ESG