Transforming together for a more sustainable tomorrow.


At gategroup, we understand the direct connection between sustainable business operations and responsible corporate stewardship to achieve long-term success.

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Caring for our planet

We understand the way a business operates has a significant impact on the environment. This is why we have established environmental ambitions and targets we can stand behind for Water, Waste, and Energy, Climate Change & GHG Emissions

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Treating people fairly

We want to break barriers, by building a culture in which gategroup’s broad and diverse communities can thrive. Our social ambitions and targets relate to Health, Safety and Worker Protection, Community, Social Impact & Labour Rights, and Diversity, Equality, Inclusivity & Wellbeing.

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Behaving responsibly

It’s important for gategroup to strive and create a positive work culture in which everyone’s core responsibility is to act with transparency and comply with regulations. Our Governance targets focus on Transparent Governance, Responsible Supply Chain Management, and Product Stewardship and Innovation.

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Our actions

Whether we call this CSR, Sustainability, or ESG, the meaning is the same – we have a responsibility as good corporate citizens to take the actions needed to ensure that the world we create is better than the world we inherited.

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ESG Committee

Meet the thought leaders committed to achieving our Environmental, Social and Governance goals.

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