gategourmet wins Best Restaurant Concept at Hostelco Awards 2024 with Haizea Restaurant for iryo


gategourmet Spain has been recognized by the jury of the Hostelco Awards 2024 in the category of “Best Restaurant Concept” for their project “Creating Culinary Connections: “Haizea by gategourmet” for iryo trains.

GLATTBRUG, Switzerland. March 26, 2024: On 20 March, the VII edition of the HOSTELCO AWARDS was celebrated in Barcelona, Spain. These prestigious awards recognise the effort, excellence and innovation of companies and professionals in the catering, hospitality and collectivities sectors.

The 2024 Award for the Best Restaurant Concept was won by gategourmet Spain for ‘Haizea by gategourmet’, the Restaurant and comprehensive Catering Services onboard iryo trains, the first private Spanish operator in the High-Speed Railway market. What makes this concept different? Innovation in services, culinary excellence, and commitment to sustainability, fully focused on the passenger for a superior travel experience. “It is a real honour to receive this award, as it reflects the dedication, passion and hard work that the whole team has put into this important project. We are thrilled to continue bringing culinary inspiration onboard iryo” says Yolanda Escribano, Managing Director of gategourmet Spain.

gategourmet Spain has developed a distinctive gastronomic identity for iryo, creating personalized culinary experiences for passengers by combining the flavors of Spain with gastronomic innovation. The pillars on which this gastronomic identity is based are: Spanish culinary heritage, Customization and Sustainability.

No matter which part of the Spanish geography travelers head towards, iryo passengers will always be able to enjoy an unparalleled gastronomic experience. gategourmet’s culinary team will continue creating menus that take iryo passengers on a unique sensory journey on every trip.

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