gategourmet Brussels Participates in United Airlines Safety Fair 


United Airlines have a well-established internal program that recognizes United airport locations that implement exceptional safety performance and exhibit the highest commitment to employee safety and health. Within this program, United Airlines in Brussels Airport was awarded with the highest level of certification, the Safety Excellence Gold.

On the occasion, United hosted a Safety Fair at Brussels Airport, and gategourmet Belgium was invited to participate together with several of their other partners.

This fair gave us the opportunity to put gategourmet Belgium NV in the spotlight and showcase how we deal with safety, ramp safety in particular, to employees working at Brussels Airport. We were also able to network with all safety experts active at Brussels airport, including the Safety Management team of Brussels Airport as well as the regional Safety manager of United Airlines, who was also in attendance. We showed off a safety training video and had the PPE gear employees wear on display as well.

Our presence at this fair once again confirmed that we have the right attitude towards safety, that we are a partner who considers safety of paramount importance, and that our structure and approach is an example for others. We try to work as one big family under the umbrella of safety.

We are extremely proud to have been part of this Safety Fair, educating others on safety procedures, and showing just how well gategourmet handles and focuses on the safety of employees and workers at the airport. The more knowledge we can share, the safer we can all be.

Thank you to United Airlines Brussels for hosting this event and inviting us along to participate.