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gategourmet Narita successfully launches new flights to Australia with Qantas Airways


In a triumphant kickoff, Gate Gourmet NRT organized a seamless startup for Qantas Airways’ A330 flights, now operating two daily A330 flights between Narita International Airport, Japan and Melbourne and Brisbane Airports in Australia.

We want to thank the Qantas team for facilitating a flawless takeoff with their incredible support, and recognize the efficiency brought in by the Gate Gourmet Japan team’s rapid response to the new flights, streamlining operations and working diligently to make sure these first flights set a high standard for the ones to follow.

The Gate Gourmet NRT team also prepared beautifully designed cakes in celebration of the new flights and were shared with Qantas flight and ground crews, who loved the treats very much!

Our team commits to an ongoing enhancement of customer experiences, pledging an unwavering dedication to delivering top-notch services on this exciting new route, and we can’t wait to keep this partnership going into the future.

APAC team continued to expand our business with Qantas at ICN from Dec 2022, resumed operations at HKG in January 2023, and at HND in April 2023. On 26 November 2023, we started serving Qantas at our Gate Gourmet NRT station. This is just one example of our successful business expansion initiative in the APAC region, showing the trust Qantas has in Gate Gourmet.

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