Corporate Governance

Corporate Governance

Here you will find information on gategroup's group structure, Board of Directors, Board Committees, Executive Management Board, Articles of Incorporation, Organizational Rules and the Code of Conduct.

Our Board of Directors

Gategroup's Board of Directors is composed as follows:



Nomination &

Timo Vättö



Richard Ong



Andreas Schmid



Bjorn Bajan



Thomas Weyer



Uwe Krueger  


Vivian Lam  


Bernie Han



Christoph Schmitz 


C = Chairman          M = Member

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Executive Management Board

gategroup’s Executive Management Board is made up of the following people:

  • Christoph Schmitz, Chief Executive Officer
  • Urs Schwendinger, Chief Financial Officer
  • Herman Anbeek, President Americas & EMEA
  • Alexis Frantz, President Southern Europe & Africa
  • Federico Germani, Chief Commercial Officer & President LATAM and Asia Pacific
  • Angela Petzold Theiler, Chief Legal Officer
  • Dr. Jeanette Hron, Chief People Officer

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Articles of Association

View the Articles of Association (English and German)

Code of Conduct

Our Code of Business Conduct and Ethics is designed to promote honest, ethical and lawful conduct by all employees, officers and directors of gategroup companies and all subsidiaries and entities controlled by them.

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Tax Strategy

gategroup 's tax strategy is based on the Group's values and code of conduct and aims to comply with all applicable rules, regulations and compliance obligations. It is gategroup's intention to pay the right amount of taxes under given laws and as required in the countries where the Group is liable to taxation.

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