Behaving responsibly

Conducting business in accordance with the highest ethical standards

It’s important for gategroup to strive and create a positive work culture in which everyone’s core responsibility is to act with transparency and comply with regulations. Our Governance targets focus on Transparent Governance, Responsible Supply Chain Management, and Product Stewardship and Innovation

Transparent Governance

Ambition: Develop exemplary, auditable reporting and governance standards by 2025


  • Achieve full transparency of our ESG governance by publishing all applicable proceedings on our website and intranet by Q2 2023.
  • Align sustainability reporting to best practice standards and prepare for integrated reporting in 2024 and establish a roadmap for regional cascade in 2025.

Responsible Supply Chain Management

Ambition: Develop an externally certified or audited sustainable group supply chain by 2040


  • Promote local sourcing to customers to achieve more than 80% local sourcing by 2025.
  • Use 100% Cage-free eggs across our operations by 2025.

Product Stewardship and Innovation

Ambition: Lead the industry by designing and developing ESG products and services


  • Begin auditing of local product use in all menus.
  • Achieve 30% plant-based dishes in all menus by 2030.

We are transparent and clear about how we do business, because transparency builds trust and accountability. As an industry leader we must ensure everything we do aligns with best practices and applicable international reporting frameworks.

Our Code of Business Conduct outlines how all employees must embody the standards of integrity that shapes our company.

Our Supplier Code of Conduct ensures that our suppliers are conducting their business in an ethical manner and with dignity that meets high labor and social standards.

Our Human Rights Policy defines how we treat the people and communities we work with and serve.

We are signatories to the United Nations Global Compact and support their Sustainable Development Goals throughout.