Our corporate commitment: Sustainable sourcing standards

At gategroup, we are committed to ensuring that our impact on the environment and our community is positive and well managed.

As a global organization, gategroup operates around the world in multiple countries. As such, we are developing sustainable sourcing standards, to be applied through regional commitments, which aim to standardize our approach and manage the way we source our materials and services and minimize our footprint.

gategroup’s sustainable sourcing standards intend to:

 Guide gategroup’s suppliers to improve their sustainability practices where necessary
 Drive gategroup businesses in the implementation of ethical business practices and transparency of the supply chain
 Assist our customers with their Corporate Social Responsibility goals

This approach will be built around a set of core principles which include:

 Transparency throughout the supply chain
 Supplier accountability & supplier support
 Credible verification
 Continuous Improvement
 Customer-specific sustainability requirements

The standards will also encompass a set of general requirements that apply across our supply chains, including:

 Legal compliance
 Labor practices
 Minimizing our impact on the environment
 Animal welfare, including access to the “5 Freedoms” and humane methods of slaughter
 Healthy eating

The development of regional commitments will help us to be clear and transparent as to our current performance against these measures as well as developing a clear action plan of continual improvement.