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Gender Pay Gap - UK

Gender Pay Gap legislation introduced in April 2017 requires companies in the United Kingdom to report on legal entities with 250+ employees to publish statutory calculations every year showing how large the pay gap is between their male and female employees. Our report covers all employees in our Gate Gourmet London Ltd entity as at April 2017. This is what we are doing to reduce the gap:

We are embedding gender reviews into our ways of working, this includes:
As part of our 2017 pay review process we conducted an analysis of not only performance ratings but also analysis of performance ratings based upon gender within our business. These demonstrated equal treatment of male and female employees across our UK & I businesses.

We are reviewing our attraction/selection mechanisms, this includes:
Developing broader relationships with organisations, schools and universities to communicate opportunities and company goals to support our aim of ensuring we have the right mix of employees across our organisation.

In 2018 we will be introducing a gategroup graduate programme with a focus on developing a diverse cohort of future operational leaders.

We are improving awareness and understanding for the future, this includes:
Introduction of a leadership development pilot programme which incorporates strong people management skills and enables our managers to demonstrate fairness and equality through all aspects of their work.

Briefing our existing leaders on the output of our gender pay findings and engaging them in the solutions for the future.

We will be not only reviewing our recognition schemes and family friendly policies but also effectively communicating to all in our organisation to ensure that everyone is aware of the options available to them.

Gender Pay Gap Report - Download