Retail innovation

Improving the total travel experience.

Improving and growing through Innovation

We are an industry leader with innovation in our DNA. We know that the status-quo must be challenged as there is only one constant and it is change.

Our industry has gone from the first scheduled passenger flight in 1914 to just over a century later enjoying nearly 40m flights per year carrying over 4bn passengers. A focus on innovation is more critical today though than ever before as the speed of change is now exponential. In the next two decades passenger figures are likely to double and their needs and wants will rapidly evolve too as they experience political, economic, social and technological change the like of which they have never seen before.

We look at the challenge of change as an opportunity and ask how by embracing and understanding it we can provide tangible value for our clients and their passengers. This process is ingrained in understanding what is happening now and in the future. We work closely with our clients to understand business intelligence, insight and trends to jointly identify and prioritise what innovation to develop. This joint approach ensures we share priorities with our clients and support them to deliver the innovation that has the biggest impact. Whether that’s improvements in operational practices, such as reducing food waste, shrink or plastics in the supply chain, or responding to rapidly developing consumer needs by providing that essential barista quality coffee at 36,000 feet.

This approach, our innovation processes and the support of our Innovation Centre of Excellence ensure we can move quickly along the journey from idea to trial to exceptional execution.