Operational Excellence

Defining and deploying standards and best practices.

Our ongoing pursuit of operational excellence led Gate Gourmet to launch its gateOPEX program as a revolutionary step forward in defining and deploying standards and best practices across all functional areas.

Sustaining operational excellence, reliability, and the highest standards of service across global operations in more than 200 locations spanning six continents is a challenge for any organization.

We are a global leader in our markets and the products and services we provide. To this end we must master logistical complexities, time sensitivity, safety and security considerations and a large and diversified work force every day.

We do this through three basic interlinked principles, each with its own set of well-defined processes, practices and initiatives.

People Development
Gate Gourmet puts emphasis and effort on training to build up people’s capabilities. Our training initiatives offer courses, from Lean Principles to coaching and mentoring. Our training also includes methods of sharing information across all levels of the operation and blended learning containing an element of ‘on the job’ training.

Operational Deployment
We aim to identify and mitigate potential issues before they occur and to constantly enhance our policies and procedures which ensure that standards are maintained across the globe. Technology is a true enabler in this area as it allows us to gather data directly at work through tablets and smart phones. Gate Gourmet also encourages employee feedback and suggestions for improvement during shift briefings.

Infrastructure Management
Gate Gourmet equips its employees with the technology to increase the safety, quality and speed of product delivery, enhance customer interaction, and improve communication. With our Mobile Data Collector product delivery and top-off data is captured electronically, increasing speed of reconciliation and invoicing, and driving efficiencies.