Complex Logistics

Getting the right items on the right flight at the right time.

Before a flight can be dispatched, thousands of individual items must be provisioned to make the trip safe and comfortable for passengers.

Getting the right items on the right flight at the right time is a huge challenge, requiring precise coordination for loading and unloading trucks at busy gates, flexibility to meet critical turn-around times, and a mastery of logistics to ensure reliability. Here’s how we do it:

Pre-Flight Cart Packing, Delivery and Galley Loading
We orchestrate the assembly of meals according to specifications, pack the service trolleys in the prescribed manner, stage the carts for loading in controlled coolers, and execute delivery in high-loader trucks to provision the aircraft’s galley accurately and on time.

Post-Flight Aircraft Stripping; Equipment Washing and Sterilization; Trash Disposal
We remove carts from arriving aircraft and take them to the flight kitchen for unloading and sanitization. At locations set up for recycling, refuse is sorted accordingly. For international flights, we separate trash from the general waste stream according to regulations and sterilize it before disposal. Re-usable items such as crockery and cutlery are sent through the dishwashing/sterilization line. Carts are thoroughly washed and sterilized, according to specifications, and the trolleys undergo safety inspections to check for proper functionality.

Inventory Management, Including Bonded Warehouses
We maintain separate and controlled equipment storage areas for each customer. Our employees collect the data for inventory management either through the customers’ system or via gategroup’s proprietary software, providing confidence that optimal supplies of any service item are always available, inventory is tightly controlled, and waste is minimized.