Safeguarding the environment

Contributing to the preservation of our globe for future generations.

Developing a truly sustainable product encompasses a lot more than just using eco-materials to produce it.

At deSter we use a holistic product development approach, including all key factors throughout a product’s life-cycle. By developing sustainable products that deliver what they promise, we aim to contribute towards achieving a circular economy.

Using less material
Using less material to produce a product equals less material entering the waste stream, which in turn reduces the risk of environmental contamination. Looking at the carbon footprint of logistics, both weight and space optimization remain critical factors. We therefore design our products to feature the lowest possible weight and the best stackability without compromising on quality and usability.

Focus on recycling and use of recycled resources
As a leading producer of food packaging, we believe good business should be good for people and gentle on the environment. This is why every new product we design is assessed from an environmental point of view, taking into consideration not only the material it is made of but also its life-cycle, recycling options and weight.

Reduce fossil-based resources
Why reinvent something that is already there? By using renewably-sourced or bio-based materials to produce our products, we aim to contribute towards fully phasing out the use of fossil-based resources.

Use of renewable compostable resources
Complementing our existing sustainable products portfolio, we are spearheading the development of products made from renewable and compostable resources which can return to nature post-consumption without being a burden on the environment.