Bespoke products

Meeting the needs of cost effectiveness and practicality.

At deSter our mission is to create exciting and inspiring food service concepts that enhance the experience of a good meal.

Whether it is a highly customized, bespoke design or a more standard off-the-shelf product, we can provide our customers with a solution that perfectly fits their brand and business. deSter is BRC Food and Packaging certified and has an ISO900 Quality Certification.

Service driven in-fight equipment

Our economy class product range for the contemporary leisure traveler offers convenience to passengers and crew by meeting the needs of cost effectiveness and practicality. This range features innovative tray settings, bespoke beverage solutions, hot or cold meal casseroles, single-use or rotable cutlery and cardboard containers, to name but a few.

Making travel inspiring

Harmony designs, develops and produces an impressive and distinctive range of unequalled comfort solutions and is the leading premium amenity kits supplier for the aviation industry. Working together with exclusive international brands, Harmony provides tailor-made, practical and cost-saving comfort solutions that enhance the passenger’s onboard experience.

Creating sensory experiences

Today luxury hospitality is all about generating authentic, exhilarating sensory experiences that provide enjoyment in unexpected ways. Muse delivers memorable fine dining moments through innovative use of materials, surprising textures and inspired design.